What is a Tabata? Basically, it’s a type of circuit. Our circuit is a modified Tabata consisting of 9 rounds (a round is 1 Tabata). Each round consists of 6 cycles of 30 sec work and 10 secs rest. A round can either be made of alternating between two different exercises or it could be one exercise in which you alternate between doing one side then the other. In between each round (Tabata), there’s a 1-min rest. The structure of the workout and moving quickly from one exercise to the other, gets your heart rate up too!

Each Tabata workout is made up of upper-body, lower-body and core exercises. Agility and aerobic movements are also incorporated throughout the workouts.

All fitness levels are welcome! Modifications of exercises are provided throughout. For example, if an exercise involves jumping, a non-jumping version is provided. This group is made up of all ages, men and women. A great supportive and welcoming group!

The Thursday Night Tabata is a part of the RUNegades program. No worries, if you do no wish to partake in the running component of RUNegades, you can just opt for the 1-day week option and have the Thursday Tabata be your one day for the week. However, if you happen to miss a Tabata, you’re welcome to come to the run/speed workout for that week.

Time: we start promptly at 6pm

Location: Back parking Lot at Lawndale Baptist Church (3505 Lawndale Dr.)

What to Bring: Each participant needs to bring an exercise or yoga mat, a light to medium pair of dumbbells, a bottle of water and a towel.

Membership Options: