Beginning Running


Go from no running to running 30-minutes straight with no walking in RunnerDude’s 12-Week Beginning Running Program. The focus is on building endurance not pace or distance. Support and guidance the whole way. Join us!

Race Training


No matter the distance (5K to Marathons and beyond) the RunnerDude’s Fitness Race Training program will help you reach your racing goals healthy. Each runner receives their own custom plan designed to help them reach their specific racing goals. Check it out!


The RUNegades program supports the runner with weekly fitness and running workouts.  All ability levels welcome! This supportive group of runners is just the ticket to keep you running fit year-round! Check it out!

Running Stride Video Analysis


Whether you’re just curious about your running form, wanting to be a more efficient runner, or trying to prevent injury, our Video Running Stride Analysis provides you with detailed feedback on your running form as well as next step strategies. This service also includes downloable video of the analysis and feedback for you to keep and revisit at your leisure.