Looking for a group workout program the will give the burn you want but keep it fresh and new each class and with modifications provided when needed?

Tuesday Tabata & Core HIIT Workout provides just that. This 45-min workout really packs a punch.

So, what’s a Tabata and a HIIT? A Tabata is a type of circuit workout. A traditional Tabata contains 8 exercises and for each exercise you complete 8 cycles of 20 seconds working and 10 seconds rest with a 1-minute rest between each new exercise. Because there is very little rest, the workout is very aerobic keeping the heart rate up helping you to get a better burn and help condition that old ticker as well as your upper-body and lower-body. A traditional 8 exercise Tabatha takes 40 mins.

Thad’s Tabata is a twist on the traditional format taking 30 mins with participants completing 6 different exercise rounds each for 6 cycles of 30 seconds working and 10 seconds rest with a  1-min rest in between each new exercise. Each exercise round will have 1-2 exercises, so depending on the workout, you’ll work through 6-12 different exercises.

So, what will fill the last 15 mins of class? Why a Core HIIT of course! What’s a Core HIIT? Well, “HIIT” stands for High Intensity Interval Training. A HIIT consists of 6 core-specific exercises. Participants do as many reps as they can each exercise for 20 seconds; then with no rest, they move right into the next exercise and do the same until all 6 exercises are completed. A 1-minute rest is taken and then the cycle is completed again for a total of 4 cycles. That’s HIIT will focus on the Core. Core is 360° not just your abdominals, so you’ll be working the front, sides, and back of your torso. This type of workout is quick and intense giving you a great workout.

In 45-minutes you’ll have worked your upper-body, lower-body, core and your heart. What more could you ask for! 

Workout Time: Tuesday   5:30-6:15pm

Location: Lawndale Baptist Church Parking lot (3505 Lawndale Dr. in very back of parking lot)

Cost: $10 per session. (Drop-ins Welcome!)

Note: Participants bring their own mat and light to medium dumbbells.

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