Boot Camp

Get in the Best Shape Ever with RunnerDude’s Year-Round BOOT CAMP! Start your mornings out with high-energy workouts designed to jack up your metabolism and burn that fat as well as provide full-body conditioning, balance and agility. Open to men and women of all fitness levels.

Tabat/Core HIIT

This weekly 45-min full-body workout is great for hitting your entire body! About 30 mins of the workout focuses on upper-body and lower-body muscle groups while the last 15 minutes is core specific.  Done in a circuit and HIIT format making it a great aerobic workout too!

Personal Training

Custom one-on-one workouts created specifically for you. RunnerDude’s Fitness offers one-on-one personal training outside.

Custom At-Home Fitness Training Plans

Want a custom workout plan to do on your own at home? We’ve got just what you need!