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All Paces Welcome! Walkers too!


Time: 6:00 PM Warm-up; 6:05PM Run Starts

Location: Parking lot behind RunnerDude’s Fitness  (2309 W. Cone Blvd.)

Distance: 3-6 miles

Note: From the spring time change through the fall time change, the first Wednesday of each month we start our run from Di’lishi Frozen Yogurt on Battleground Ave.

All Paces Welcome! Walkers Too!


Start Location and Routes for Saturday, September 29th

Start Location: RunnerDudes Fitness (2309 W. Cone Blvd.)

Parking: Park in the back of complex where RunnerDude’s Fitness is located.

Rest Rooms: Restrooms are available at RunnerDude’s Fitness.

Start Time: 6:30AM (Arrive prior to 6:30AM. 6:30 is when we leave.)

Routes: This week’s run is a Greenway run along the Atlantic and Yadking Greenway beginnig from RunnerDude’s Fitness. We will not be using the RunGoApp for this Saturday’s run. Below are some general turnaround points. For extact mileage turnaround points, be sure to wear a gps watch or use a gps smart phone app such as Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, etc.

  • 5-Miles: Turnaround point (2.5 miles) is approximaely halfway down the Military Park parkinglot.
  • 6-Miles: Turnaround point (3 miles) is just past the cooler at Lake Brandt Road/Greenway
  • 8-Miles: Turnaround point (4 miles) is just before the first foot bridge across Lake Brandt.
  • 10-Miles: Turnaround point (5 miles) is about .15 mile past cooler at at Owls Roost Rd/Greenway
  • 12-Miles: Turnaround point (6 miles) is just past the 2nd foot bridge across Lake Brandt.
  • 13-Miles: Turn around point (6.5 miles) is about .1 mile past Strawberry Rd.
  • 14-Miles: Turnwaround point (7 miles) is just before the end of the greenway near the defunct tunnel.

Extra miles can be achieved by running an out-n-back down Lake Brandt Rd either before heading down the greenway at the Lake Brandt Rd RunnerDude cooler or on the way back when you reach the Lake Brandt Rd Cooler.

  • 1-extra mile: turn around just past Brandt Forest Ct.
  • 2-extra miles: turn around just past Centry Oaks Dr.
  • 3-extra miles: turn around at Gate Post Dr (just before Air Harbor Rd.)

Extra miles by adding Country Park 

  • 2.6-extra miles: Head down to Spencer Love into Country Park and back either on the way out or on the way back

Extra miles by adding Country Park and Military Park (including Visitors Center) 

  • 5.4 extra miles: head down to Spencer Love into Counrtyr park. Do back side of Country Park, then cut through to Military Park and do compelte loop including the Visitor Center side then cut back to Country Park and run the front side back to Spencer Love.

Water Stops: 

  • Greenway / Lake Brand Rd.
  • Greenway / Owls Roost Rd.
  • Greenway / Strawberry Rd.
  • If you cut through to Spencer Love to run Country Park there is a water fountain and rest room at Spencer Love

Note: There is not a cooler for 5 miles

Hydration Notice: Even though there are cooers along the route, it’s highly recommended that you plan on bringing additional hydration sources with you be it a handheld bottle, hydration belt or pack.

Saftey Notice: This is a group run and not a race. Runners are to follow all traffic signals and street signs. It’s best to run with a partner or group. Carrying a smart phone with your is highly recommended in case of an emergency, you can call 911.