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April 2nd

RunnerDude’s Fitness Good Running Form Clinic and More!

Tips to Help Reduce Injury and Improve Running Efficiency

Hope you’ll join us for a packed hour learning bout good running form covering, foot landing, foot strike, gait, upper-body posture, and cadence.  Techniques to help control breathing while running will be shared too.
You’ll even get a video glimpse at your own running form!
The clinic will not be a sit-down-talk-at-you-clinic. You’ll be involved in practicing good running form, cadence and breathing techniques and drills, so be sure to wear your running shoes and proper attire.
Date: April 2
Time: 1:30-2:30pm
Location: Jaycee Park Parking Lot (3802 Jaycee Park Rd) 
  • Pre-Register – $25 Click on the button below to Pre-Register through Friday night 4/1
  • On-site Registration – $30