Who Are Our Clients?

RunnerDude’s Fitness clients are runners and fitness enthusiasts.  Over 75% of our clients are women. The majority of our clients are 35-55 years old, however we have clients as young as 10 and some into their 70s. We work with over 200 runners and fitness enthusiasts on a weekly basis.

Our Events (workshops, Races, and RunTheBoro) and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)  reach well beyond our direct clients.

For example,

  • the 2017 RunTheBoro event had over 400 participants from the Triad area
  • the RunTheBoro Group Runs Facebook page has 725 members
  • the RunTheBoro e-Newsletter has 500 local subscribers
  • The RunnerDude Challenge 10-miler/10K had over 200 runners in 2017

Who Are Runners?

(Data from 2016 National Runner Survey)

More Women (63%) than Men (37%) are Runners
  • U.S. runners represent an affluent, healthy target
  • 36% Graduation from a 4-year college
  • 37% have a Master’s or Doctoral degree
  • 87% are employed full-time
  • 41% make $50,000-$99,000 annually
  • 24% make $100,00-$200,000+ annually
Runners Like Using Social Media
Over half are (on Facebook):
• Posting race photos and videos
• Following events
• Posting general running photos and videos
• Discussing running-related activities
Over 4 in 10 are (on Facebook):
• Recruiting others to join them for an upcoming race
• Communicating with training partners
• Following other runners
• Tracking family / friends in a race
• Posting their race results
• Looking for running motivation
Note: Females use social media much more so than males for running related activities. 70% of women post photos & videos post-race, while 53% of men do. Over 75% of RunnerDude’s Fitness clients are women.
Runners’ Habits
  • 73% run 12 months  a year
  • 59% run at least 4 days per week
  •  The Average runner has been running for 7 years and runs 20 miles per week
  • 20% describe themselves as recreational runners
  • 65% describe themselves as frequent/fitness runners
  • 14% describe themselves as Serious/Competitive runners
  • 77% run to stay healthy
  • 66% run to relieve stress
  • Runners run with cell phones (61%), GPS Item (52%), Sports Watch (52%), Sunglasses (45%), Keys (41%), Hat/Visor (39%)
  • 66% spend at least 4 hours a week running