Does Your New Year Resolution Involve Fitness? 

Join RunnerDude’s Special 2-Month RunnerDude’s New Year Resolution Boot Camp and We’ll Help You Achieve Your Goal!

This group will join RunnerDude’s existing boot camp for a special 2-months (16 classes) of awesome workouts to help you shed those extra holiday pounds and get started on that New Year resolution!

Each high-energy workout is designed to jack up your metabolism and burn that fat as well as provide full-body conditioning, balance, and agility.

Our boot camps are for all ability and fitness levels. When needed, RunnerDude will make modifications for exercises. We don’t yell in your face or throw tires around. But we do give an awesome full-body workout in a fun format. You’ll get a great workout and have fun too! Yes, that can happen!
While you’re welcome to bring your own, we provide towels, mats, and water. Just come dressed and ready to workout!
Start Date: Tuesday, January 7th
Days: Tuesday/Thurs
Time: 5:30-6:15 am
Location: RunnerDude’s Fitness (2309 W. Cone Blvd. Ste. 120)
Fee: $80 (16 classes) Saves 50% Normally $10 per session!
Use Promo Code NEWYEAR50 at checkout to save 50^
Use Promo Code NEWYEAR50 at checkout to save 50%