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Good Balance is Vital to a Healthy Life.  

Lack of Balance Effects All Ages, Not Just the Elderly.

The real culprit to lack of balance for most isn’t getting older, it’s a sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement. As we get older, it is true the most individuals loose balance along with flexibility. This combination can set you up to be more prone to falling. Why do we lose balance? The main culprit isn’t age, it’s lack of lateral movement and deconditioning of our lateral and medial stabilizer muscles (all those little muscles in your legs that provide support and balance.)

Adding a balance component to your weekly fitness program along with increased core fitness, and exercises involving lateral movement, you can drastically decrease your chance of falling and or the severity of a fall.

Runners of Any Age Need Balance Training!

Runners, no matter what the age, move entirely in one plane of motion (forward). So, unless you’re trail running, your runs involve very little lateral movement. This constant forward movement can wreak havoc on a runner’s balance. If on a run they get out of that forward plane of motion, their bodies may or may not respond helping to prevent a fall. Also, weak lateral conditioning can lead to an array of injuries including Runners Knee and ITB Syndrome.

BOSU Blast to the Rescue!

The BOSU Blast Fitness Program incorporates a balance tool called a BOSU. A BOSU can be incorporated into just about any exercise, upper-body, lower-body, and core. Each 45-minute BOSU Blast workouts will work the upper-body, lower-body, and core and each exercise will incorporate some element of balance. Other functional exercise equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands/tubes, kettlebells, and medicine balls will also be used. Don’t worry, incorporating balance doesn’t mean doing crazy moves on a balance disk.  The exercises in the BOSU Blast workouts are safe for all ages and all fitness ability levels. Before you know it, you’ll feel stronger on the run and in your everyday life. That’s what it’s all about!

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 7:00-7:45am

Cost: $12 a session or purchase a package and Save! (Drop-Ins welcome)

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